Any customer receiving manure removal services for less than £200 +vat per load will be deemed as receiving a DISCOUNT. All DISCOUNTED services will include a waiver to insurance claims off the public highway.

All Customers are reminded, when ordering our plant into their premises they must supply SAFE ACCESS & SAFE EGRESS. The responsibility for any damage caused, reversing, maneuvering, loading, will be the customer. The operator will carry out a risk assessment and will endeavor to carry out the task without causing any damage.

Muck pit walls, Gutters, Gate posts, over hanging roofs are all obstacles’ we try not to damage. But on occasions this happens. We will not be liable for such claims when the CUSTOMER is enjoying discounted rates.

All tyre damage caused to our plant will be chargeable to the customer, (Sharps that cause tyre damage) Whilst loading/unloading all persons shall keep clear of the plant being operated and shall NOT enter the risk area. Any services above or below ground should be identified to the operator and risk assessed.

Subsidence caused by weight and poor road/drive/concrete conditions resulting in plant becoming stuck/bogged will be charged to the customer (down time/tow cost). Any spillage when loading will be the responsibility of the customer to clear. Damage to containers will be charged. NO STRING, NO RUBBISH, NO PLASTIC BOTTLES OR BALE RAP/BAGS. NO GREEN WASTE. All muck will be loaded to the weight limit for the product. Old muck will weigh more and therefore less volume will be removed.

Any wasted journeys resulting in poor access or contaminated muck piles will be chargeable.

Payment will be on a 30 day invoice basis. Vat will be charged at the standard rate. LATE PAYMENTS ARE NOW SUBJECT TO AN INTREST CHARGE BEING RAISED.

Any PERSONS FAILING TO PAY FOR A SEVICE WILL STILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MANURE REMOVED. We will return and tip up any unpaid loads and extra to cover cost.